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Gekko's Hosted Kerio Email service works side-by-side with your Mac and/or PC by synchronising with Outlook, Entourage, Apple mail, Apple Address Book, iCal or WebMail in real time. Using wireless access, office and mobile calendars are synchronised to help avoid double bookings and improve time management. With server-side storage, the personal address book can easily and quickly be transferred from Outlook, Entourage, Apple Address Book, WebMail or an old smartphone to a new device.


Due to the popular success of our hosted kerio products we have now launched a dedicated site GekkoConnect. We aim to offer a better customer experience with instant signup and the ability to scale the products to meet any requirement you may have. Click below to find out more.



Hosted Kerio



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We also offer bespoke email solutions to match your business criteria. Why not call us today and speak with one of our Kerio Connect specialists. 01273 921 939 or by emailing